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We Figured It Out: How General Hospital Is Giving Us Two Jasons

Hey, guess what, Jason really does have a twin on General Hospital (GH). While this has not been confirmed by the show, other things have that make us sure of this.

First, let’s look at that photo Franco (Roger Howarth) has of himself as a child with another little boy. He said he didn’t know who the other boy is and we believe him. It’s very possible he blocked parts of his childhood out since we’re told it was so horrific.

However, today Franco soon learned the little boy in the pic is the spitting image of Jason as a child.

So, BINGO! Heather (Robin Mattson) said Jason had a twin years ago, but it just wasn’t Franco. According to the September 18 issue of Soap Opera Digest, next week, Franco goes to visit his mother in jail to get some info on the photo, and as usual Heather talks in riddles and hedges. Franco should know that’s just par for the course.

We also know where Jason Quartermaine spent his childhood and it was in Monica’s house and not NYC where Franco grew up, so that makes the twin thing all the more likely. It also brings back a past storyline and possibly clears a few things up in Franco’s world.

The other thing we know, according to Digest, is that doctors advise Sam to put Jason in a long-term care facility for coma patients. While she is hesitant at first, she realizes it’s best for her children for someone else to take care of Jason and for her to take care of them.

So, Billy Miller’s Jason is going to be lingering in a coma for a while and not in General Hospital. That’s a perfect opening to introduce whoever the heck Steve Burton will play. And, who wants to bet he’s either another coma patient (if actual Jason, perhaps he’s been there since 2012 when he was first presumed dead) or he’s a doctor?

Yes, maybe Jason’s twin became a doctor just like their father, Alan, and just like Jason Q wanted to be before the drunk driving accident that changed him forever.

So, shorter version. If Steve Burton’s new character is a fellow coma patient, we predict he’s Original Recipe Jason Morgan. If he’s a doctor at said hospital, then he’s Original Recipe Jason Quartermaine (not really, but at least Jason Q’s twin.)

And, if Steve Burton is a coma patient, then we guess Billy Miller’s character is the twin in Franco’s photo because he did originally have Jason’s face, which makes sense if he was a twin.

And, if you followed that, congratulations. You don’t earn a prize, but you get to have something bizarre to watch in Port Charles in the weeks and months to come.

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