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Fearsome Females! Valentin Needs To Watch Out On General Hospital (GH)

Valentin and Ladies on General HospitalValentin and Ladies on General Hospital

Poor Valentin Cassadine is surrounded by women who could cause him a whole lot of trouble on General Hospital (GH).

While he was once rumored to be the most evil Cassadine of them all, that hasn’t come to pass as of yet. Instead, he seems to be a flawed man with a sad past who was once disabled and overcame childhood hardships.

We did see him kill Nikolas in cold blood last summer, but we are still somehow convinced that was all staged.

Still, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) now finds himself with quite a few female foes and friends. Soap Hub asked which one he should fear the most.

Nutty Nina?
Out of about 5,500 votes, 42% of you think Nina (Michelle Stafford) might go off the deep end as she has a tendency to do when she learns of all his lies.

Nina never actually got the psychiatric help she needed after ripping Avery from Ava’s womb and kidnapping her (and then naming her Jaime Sommers), so it’s always possible she will lose it again.

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Anna (Or Alex?)
Another 30% of you think Anna (Finola Hughes) is certainly formidable enough to cause Valentin some damage. However, we can’t be sure the woman we currently see who looks like Anna is actually Anna. She’s acting rather strange and could very well be Anna’s twin, Alex.

Ferocious Laura?
Coming in a close third is Laura (Genie Francis) with 27% of the vote. On Wednesday, she got right in Valentin’s face and seemed to put the fear of God into the man, causing him to revert to the stutter of his younger years.

After all, it is Laura’s son Val allegedly killed and you do NOT mess with a mama bear, especially one like Laura.

Looney Lulu?
A tiny 2% of you think Lulu (Emme Rylan) could break Valentin–or at least break his heart if she goes off the rails and snatches Charlotte. After all, he seems to live for his daughter.

However, Lulu is mostly harmless and never really means to hurt anyone physically, even when she comes close. (Case in point Valerie, who nearly burned to a crisp last year when Lulu only wanted to hurt her blossoming cop career.)

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