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Fans Think THIS Will Happen to Sonny and Carly – Do You?

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Carly is contemplating what to do about her marriage to Sonny, after learning about his one night stand with Nelle.

Of course, General Hospital viewers know the affair never happened. Nelle (Chloe Lanier) just made Sonny (Maurice Benard) think they slept together.

But since Sonny believes he betrayed Carly (Laura Wright) and ‘fessed up to it, it’s ruined the couple’s happy marriage. Now Carly is trying to decide what her next step should be, including divorcing Sonny, yet again.

Do you think she’ll actually take that major step and that Sonny and Carly’s divorce will go through? Soap Hub posed that question to fans and here is what you had to say on the subject.

No, They’re Meant to Be
The bulk of GH fans, some 75%, simply aren’t buying that Sonny and Carly will call it quits and go their separate ways. Despite their seriously flawed relationship, they love each other and are meant to be.

You’re hoping Carly will find it in her heart to forgive Sonny, considering the circumstances under which his tryst with Chloe occurred.

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Or, better yet, you’re hoping that Nelle will come clean and admit the whole sex with Sonny thing never happened at all.

Yes, But They’ll Reunite
A divorce is imminent, say 21% of you. However, you think Sonny and Carly could and probably will reunite at a later date… like say when crazy Nelle finally admits she never slept with Sonny.

Although Carly is angry at Sonny now and feels betrayed, the bottom line is she loves him and he loves her. They’ve tried to go their separate ways before, but they always end up back together.

Yes, They’re Over for Good
This time, Sonny and Carly are really over, according to 4% of you. Whether the truth about Sonny and Nelle’s non-affair comes out or not doesn’t matter.

Carly is furious that Sonny let the manipulative Nelle continue to be a part of their lives, after she convinced him they had sex. Besides, with Jax back in town, you’re hoping Carly reconciles with him.

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