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Fans Think THIS Person Will Save Sonny on General Hospital (GH)!

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Sonny has been stuck in that pit on General Hospital (GH) since Sam shot him earlier this week and kicked him down there. He’s injured and also claustrophobic. Try as he might, he can’t seem to free himself.

Well we all know that Sonny (Maurice Benard) can’t die, so that means someone is going to have to save him. But who will do it? That’s what Soap Hub asked, and you definitely had a few guesses.

He Leaps Tall Buildings…
After over 8,000 votes were tallied, 44% assume it will be the same man who gets him out of every other jam he’s ever been in. That’s right – you fully expect Jason (Billy Miller) to just leave his sick wife and child at General Hospital and head out to find Sonny.

Mob Wives
Another 30% know that now that Sonny and Carly’s (Laura Wright) bond is stronger than ever, she will be able to sense where her injured husband is and will find a way to pull him out the literal pit of despair. Yep, you know it will be Carly, and you can’t wait.

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Someone Else…
Apparently 22% of you feel it will be someone else. You’re not saying who, you just think it will be someone unexpected who will happen upon the mobster and will be able to save him. Hey, why not?

Finding Sanity
Still 4% of you think that the docs will finally get what’s going on with Sam (Kelly Monaco) under control. Once that happens, and she remembers what she’s done, Sam will be the one to figure out a way to save Sonny. Maybe she’ll tell Jason where he is if she can’t do it herself.

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