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Fans Take a Candid Look At The Future of GH

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ABC may have recently gotten their rights back to All My Children and One Life to Live from Prospect Park but they’ve also proven that they’re not afraid to cancel a soap they think isn’t performing up to expectations — which has some General Hospital fans worried.

If ABC could axe AMC and OLTL on the same day, they should presumably feel no qualms about getting rid of their last remaining daytime drama and replacing it with yet another talk or reality show.

But how would the fans feel about such a decision? A whopping 20,000 of you answered this provocative question.

It’s the End of the World as We Know It
Just like when Obi Wan-Kenobi in Star Wars heard millions of voices suddenly crying out in terror and then suddenly silenced — so did we as a landslide of fans, 92% as a matter of fact, shrieked that they would be devastated in the event of losing the last ABC soap.

Not being able to spend five afternoons a week watching Sonny (Maurice Benard) explain the difference between noble mobsters and bad mobsters.

Or Lulu (Emme Rylan) embryo hunting, Jason (Billy Miller) being stoic, Anna (Finola Hughes) being bad-ass, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) one again confused about who the father of her child is, and Alexis’s (Nancy Lee Grahn) principles flying out the window the moment a hot guy pays attention to her is not a future you care to contemplate.

The March for Women’s Rights… To Watch Their Soaps
And if the show does get cancelled, 6% of fans have a plan: They’re going to riot. Not sure where, not sure when, and not sure how. But there will be violence in the streets – and perhaps an actor appearance or two.

Moving On
Then again a tiny minority of 2% just shrugged and indicated that if the worst happened, they would simply move on to watching another soap. Except there aren’t that many of those left. And you know what they say — “When they came for General Hospital I didn’t speak up… And later there was no one left to speak up.”

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