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Fans Feel THIS WAY About General Hospital (GH) Recasts!

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Recasts are a fact of soap opera fan life. A bored actor or a contract dispute is no reason to give up on a fascinating character. And no one is irreplaceable (sit down, Susan Lucci, we didn’t mean you).

How do you feel about General Hospital (GH) recasts in particular? Over 3,000 viewers chimed in.

All Recasts Are Bad Recasts
For 53% of you, you don’t care that the current Kiki (Hayley Erin), Lulu (Emme Rylan), Maxie (Kirsten Storms), Carly (Laura Wright), Jason, Franco (Roger Howarth), Laura (Genie Francis), Scott (Kin Shriner), and Monica are all recasts.

You’re against the practice as a concept. You think people should finish their lives with the same faces they started — and that includes banning the overly tight, plastic surgery variety, too.

New Faces
On the other hand, knowing that the current Kiki, Lulu, Maxie, Carly, Jason (Billy Miller), Franco, Laura (Genie Francis), Scott, and Monica (Leslie Charleson) are all recasts, 32% of the audience thinks that GH does a terrific job with their recasts.

In fact, as long as we keep hiring along this vein, you’ll be happy to go along and pretend yup, that’s the same person, all right!

What do you think? Post a comment!

Do It Better!
And then there’s the 15% minority that’s OK with recasts — but not the way GH does them.

Maybe they’re deeply confused about the whole Billy Miller/Steve Burton-which one is the real Jason head-scratcher.

Or the time Laura Wright’s Carly met Sarah Brown’s Claudia… who looked uncannily like Carly used to look (back when she was winning back-to-back Emmys).

Which is why the possibility of yet another recast Dillon isn’t filling fans with joy. Get it right the first time, or forget the whole thing! And this time, GH, we do mean you.

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