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The Fairytale Bromance of Jason and Curtis

General HospitalJason and Curtis on General Hospital

Who knew when Jason decked Curtis in the Wyndemere living room last March on General Hospital that it would lead to such a beautiful friendship that’s taken us through dumpsters and fires along the way?

When Curtis essentially said “Who was that guy?” as he got in the middle of a scuffle between Nikolas and Jason, we had no idea what was to come. And something tells us the writers didn’t either.

Let’s face it. Donnell Turner would have chemistry with a tree, so the fact that he and Billy Miller have become the next great thing in Port Charles should come as no surprise. It develops both characters–two men who seemed pretty directionless for a while.

Curtis seemed to have come onto the scene with very little backstory or forethought and Miller has had to make Jason Morgan his own since it was revealed to him and PC that he is indeed Jason Morgan.

While many have longed for the days of Jason and Sonny once again, that bromance is admittedly not the same without Steve Burton. Jason needed someone new to play off and Curtis fits the bill perfectly.

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Their bromance has the edge Jason had with Sonny (Maurice Benard), plus the comedy he shared with Bradford Anderson’s Spinelli.

The two make us want to tune in and see what shenanigans they get into next and we really hope Curtis realizes he’s not meant to be a cop–but Jason’s partner in crime–or at least partner in solving crimes. (We can’t see Jason really fighting crime no matter who is in the role.)

Even Turner loves the turn his character has taken and said as much on Twitter when fans commented on the bromance. He even alluded to loving the Jason-Sam-Curtis team (which reminds us of the Jason-Sam-Spinelli team.)

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