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Soap Hub Exclusive Interview: Lisa LoCicero Talks GH, COVID, and Family


She joined General Hospital in 2008, and immediately became a fan favorite but Lisa LoCicero has certainly done her share of sitting on the back burner. But this past year, Olivia has gotten to have adventures and angst. Find out what the actress has to say about that and so much more.

Exclusive Interview With Lisa LoCicero

Finally, after all these years, Olivia has had more to do on General Hospital – exciting?
Sure! I love this character, I love this show. I do realize how difficult it must be to keep a character viable for so many years. Olivia has had a few slightly different flavors over the years, but I think she’s always stayed somewhat true to her principles — her prime principle is her love or devotion to her family, and this is a great time to put that on the screen. I’ve been really unbelievably touched and delighted at the wonderful responses we [got] for the Dante Returns stuff. I’m always nervous that whatever the choices I made were – maybe they won’t come across or pay off, but when I [had] all these lovely folks on Twitter saying they’re in tears and whatnot, well I [felt] like I’ve done my job. I’m extremely grateful.

How have you and your family held up during COVID-19 in general?
We are doing well still and we’re very lucky to be in a lovely spot. We watch the sunrise every morning and set every night. If I have to find a silver lining, it is certainly spending more time with immediate family and slowing down.

How is 5-year-old Verity doing?
Verity is doing great! She’s mastered the KinderZoom and loves being at home with us more and having her brother still here. She does miss going to the playground and playdates and all that, but she’s a pretty happy kid. She’s wild.

Where did her name come from?
We named her Verity after a dear friend who worked as a producer with Michael in England. I’d always loved her name, but never thought I’d have a girl to use it on!

Who consistently makes You laugh?
Lately, the thing that always makes me laugh is Verity. She has such a strong personality, and yes, that is a euphemism for is frequently hard to deal with. But she has a spectacular sense of humor for a little kid and has since she was a baby. It’s kind of weird. She’s a handful, but very entertaining!

Is there any place you’ve always wanted to visit during a break but haven’t?
Lots of places! Africa was a big one to cross off my bucket list last year. I’ve been all through Russia and much of Europe. But I’d love to go to Japan with my son Luke someday and have him show me around. He speaks beautiful Japanese and spent time there last year. That would be amazing.

Anything else you’d like to do?
I’d love to learn to waltz in Vienna!

What do you miss more — live sporting events or going to movie theaters?
Certainly no toss-up between sporting events and theater. I’d literally rather go to the dentist than sit through a sporting event. I desperately miss movies and being in a packed theater waiting for the curtain to go up! I have to have faith we will do that again one day.

What is something you’ve allowed yourself to be indulgent with?
Buying vintage clothes on eBay that I REALLY don’t need. Or the beautiful new handbag I just bought that I have nowhere to carry.

What is the biggest event you’ve attended?
The biggest event I’ve ever attended… a hard question…I guess the Grammys or the Primetime Emmy Awards? I’ve never been to a giant music fest – or wanted to be. Maybe Sundance Film Festival? HA, a Star Trek convention?

What one event in history do you wish you hadn’t missed?
Hard to pick one event in history to go back and visit. But I guess experiencing the mass relief at the end of World War II would have been momentous. Maybe Woodstock though I just said I didn’t want to attend a huge music festival — this one I’d make time for.

Is Lisa LoCicero a great cook?
I would say I’m an acceptable cook. I make lots of things really well, can follow a recipe successfully, but no kind of iron chef. I like cooking but don’t love it.

Does your family think so?
My daughter tells me I’m the best cook in the world as did my son — after I served him Hamburger Helper in our New York apartment when he was 3.

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