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Exclusive Interview: Catching Up With General Hospital’s Steve Burton

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Steve Burton is burning up the screen on General Hospital and this weekend he will be tearing up the stage when he reunites with his live band Port Chuck in their first concert in years. He talked to Soap Hub exclusively about his GH life – Mike’s death, family, COVID-19, and Port Chuck.

Steve Burton Brings Port Chuck Back

How have you made COVID-19 bearable?
Oh, man! Right out of the gate huh? The beach, working out, and shelter in place with the wife and kids have been pretty awesome.

This is a tough time to be a dad?
It’s definitely challenging with social media, but fortunately, the kids don’t have it… that I know of [laughs]. We try to be as involved as possible.

Is it difficult to explain and comfort your kids about what’s going on – that this is not normal?
Yeah, they get that it’s a weird time and a challenging time for a lot of people. This is the time for compassion and working together to kick this thing.

What’s been most difficult about working at General Hospital during this crisis?
Well, we are all definitely grateful to be back. With that being said, the masks can get pretty stuffy and hot under the lights. I run hot anyway so it’s extra sweat for me!

What is your favorite storyline that you’re not in?
Let me watch and I’ll let you know.

You and the rest of the cast were amazing with Mike’s death and the funeral – were those tough days to shoot?
Definitely sad. Maurice [Benard, Sonny] and Max [Gail, Mike] did such an amazing job with the story, I know it affected so many people… so awesome. And who doesn’t love Max Gail; truly an honor to have him on GH. He’s on our podcast next week by the way!

How sad was it to say goodbye to Max Gail?
I may have teared up or had something in my eye. I’m not sure.

Who do you hope gets killed off next?
Nelle [Chloe Lanier] and Shiloh [Coby Ryan McLaughlin] are dead right??

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On to a more upbeat topic – finally, something good in 2020 – Port Chuck is back!
Yeah, baby! [Yes, he delivered that in his best Austin Powers voice.] We are all so excited!

So, Port Chuck is in the house, literally – fans can see a full-length show from the comfort of their home. How does that work?
Yes! It will be so fun to get back together with the guys! We’re doing an online streaming Port Chuck “Karaoke” Party and hang out after. We do it on Patreon.

How do we get there?
For information on how to join us, it’s easy, just go to stonecoldandthejackal.com

For the tons of fans who saw you live, will they get any of their favorite songs or is it a whole new lineup of songs?
We will be singing all PORT CHUCK faves! Songs we did on the road.

Besides COVID-19, how long has it been since the four of you were in the same room?
Five years maybe – ouch – too long for sure – and we’ll all be tested!

What song do fans react to the most?
They sing along to most since we do awesome cover songs from the ’80s and ’90s like from Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Billy Idol, Run DMC, Linkin Park, and more that I just can’t think of right now – because there are so many great songs!

Give us one song title that you – two-time Daytime Emmy winner Steve Burton – will be singing solo?
IN THE END by Linkin Park.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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