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Liz And Franco’s General Hospital Wedding: 5 Things That Could Go VERY Wrong

Liz and Franco General HospitalLiz and Franco General Hospital

General Hospital’s most controversial couple, Elizabeth and Franco, is preparing for their dream wedding.

But as soap fans know, nuptials can turn into nightmares faster than you can say, “I Do.” Considering Franco’s (Roger Howarth) disreputable past and all the protective people in Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) life, their big day can’t possibly go off without a hitch. Check out this list of five possible things that could go wrong on their wedding day.

Jason Objects
Jason (Steve Burton) has put Franco on notice for everything he did to Sam (Kelly Monaco) and let him know they’ll be no forgiving and forgetting on his part.

He’ll always see Franco as a depraved monster. He could decide to stop the wedding and make a final plea to Elizabeth to see the light and walk away from Franco, while she still can, for the good of her children.

The Drew Factor
Little things keep triggering the deeply recessed memories of Drew’s past. First, it was meeting Kim (Tamara Braun).

Then, it was Franco’s rabbit’s foot. What if something new prompts Drew to recall the actual moment he tumbled down the basement stairs, and he remembers Franco tormenting him as a boy?

Drew could react by physically attacking Franco before he ever makes it to his wedding, leaving him badly beaten and clinging to life instead of embarking on a new life with Elizabeth.

The Mother Lode
Isn’t it time for Franco’s bio mom, Heather (Robin Mattson), to break out of prison and wreak some havoc? She could learn about her son’s nuptials and decide she wants to be on hand to witness his happy day. Of course, her arrival wouldn’t be welcomed with open arms. It would cause major upheaval, and the cops would have to be called to cart her away.

The (Adoptive) Mother Lode
Betsy could decide to attend Franco and Elizabeth’s big day, too. Although she wants happiness for her son, she might realize his bride-to-be needs to be told about his evil streak as a child. (Or the evil streak she claims he had.)

Namely, the fact that he pushed young Drew down a flight of stairs. The revelation could give Elizabeth pause about marrying Franco, wondering if he might snap, at some point, and do the same thing to one of her sons–or keep more secrets for her.

Man with a Plan
Land developer Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan) has ties to Franco, going back to when he used to date Betsy. With those ties has to come inside knowledge of what went on between Franco and Drew (Billy Miller) as children.

Perhaps Jim could show up minutes before the wedding and tell Franco something so horrific about his past that he leaves Elizabeth at the altar.

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