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Enough Is Enough! Does Carly Need To Get A Life Already?!!

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Sometimes it seems like Carly spends more time meddling in her best friend Jason’s life on General Hospital (GH) than focusing on her own.

From Carly’s (Laura Wright) perspective, she just wants to see Jason (Steve Burton) happy and will do whatever’s necessary to make it happen. Case in point: orchestrating Jason and Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) New Year’s Eve alone together on the Haunted Star.

What do fans think about Carly’s antics? Specifically, does she need to get a life of her own, so she’ll stay out of Jason’s? A whopping 11,000 of you spoke out on the subject.

No, She’s a Fun Busybody
Over half of you, 55%, are totally behind Carly. While she might be a bit of a busybody, you see her as a fun one and totally altruistic. She loves Jason and is determined to help him get his old life back. What’s wrong with that?

As for Carly not having a life, you totally disagree.

What do you think? Post a comment!

She does, and it’s quite a full one. That life includes Sonny (Maurice Benard), her kids and their entire family, and Jason is part of that beloved clan.

Yes, She Sure Does
Carly’s constant insinuating herself into Jason’s life is way over the top. That’s why 45% of you feel she needs to get a life of her own and stay out of his.

It’s absolutely ridiculous how she’s convinced herself that she knows what’s best for her old friend, not to mention the lengths she’ll go to scheme and manipulate things to ensure they happen. Carly needs to focus all her energy on herself, her marriage, and her family. That needs to be her top priority.

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