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Should Helena Make a Comeback From The Grave on General Hospital (GH)?

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The mystery of what happened to Jake during his time in captivity has everyone who cares about him buzzing about Helena on General Hospital (GH).

The evil Cassadine snatched the boy from his family and made Luke believe he killed him. Then, she sat back while they mourned him.

Meanwhile, Helena (Constance Towers) had taken Jake (Hudson West) to her private island. Although the child was rescued, he’s never been quite the same.

His recent drawings of a boy hiding behind a tree, a scarecrow and a chimera, a mythical creature that foreshadows disaster, have Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Jason (Billy Miller), Franco (Roger Howarth) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) wondering what happened to him during the four years he was missing.

As the foursome investigate, Soap Hub asked if you want Helena to return from the dead once again. Here’s what you had to say.

No, She’s Done Enough Damage
Ding, dong the witch is dead, and 45% of you emphatically want her to stay that way. You cheered during the episode when Helena took her last breath. After years of wreaking havoc on the town’s citizens, they were finally free of her.

Helena has done enough damage, and you’re glad to be rid of her. There’s absolutely no reason to bring her back.

What do you think? Post a comment!

No, But New Flashbacks Work
Meanwhile, 30% of you voted for the character to remain dead, but wouldn’t mind seeing her appear in newly created flashbacks.

It would be interesting to see her interactions with Jake while she was holding him hostage and learn exactly what kind of mind games she played with him.

It would also help get to the root of Jake’s dubious mental state, giving his parents and therapist the information they need to help him heal.

Yes, She Makes Things Interesting
The remaining 24% of you want Helena back. Port Charles hasn’t been the same since the black queen’s demise.

She’s evil to the max and has always kept things interesting, whether she’s casting spells on the Spencer family or threatening her long-time adversary Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Every soap needs a good villain–and Helena is it.

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