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The Dawn Of Day Nightmare Leads To The Destruction Of Sam On General Hospital

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We’re going to be blunt. Why did General Hospital let a character who has been sexually violated set herself up to be sexually violated — as well as drugged and BRANDED?

Seriously? Why Sam (Kelly Monaco)? It was certainly not to save Krissy (Lexi Ainsworth), who spent this week ready to save you. Ostensibly, this all started because Sam needed to get Kristina away from Shiloh, but Kristina has been away from Shiloh for weeks, yet Sam still carried on.

And Jason (Steve Burton)? Totally went along with it. He knew the woman he loves would be drugged. He knew Shiloh would try to rape this woman, but at this point, if Sam willingly did all of this, there’s a grey line with rape, especially when it comes to the law.

How does entrapment bring a man down? Even if what the man is doing is a clear violation of women.

We’ll just all assume Sam doesn’t want to have sex with Shiloh, but why the obsession? Why would ANY woman, much less one who was sexually violated by a man before (although not actually raped) do this? Why would her boyfriend condone this — and even help. Oh, and not even go in to rescue her until Sonny gave the go-ahead.

And although this story might end with Sam not being raped, she was branded. And willingly branded. She knew this would happen. Jason and Sonny (Maurice Benard) sat out there and listened to the tattoo needle. They knew she allowed herself to be drugged and was helpless and they knew she was being branded. And they didn’t stop it.

And we will repeat — SAM ALLOWED HERSELF TO BE BRANDED BY A MAN. Who decided this would be a good idea and entertaining story point. SAM WAS BRANDED. In a #MeToo world where The Handmaids Tale is closer to becoming the real thing every day, a woman let herself be branded for we don’t even know for what reason at this point.

So, long story short, Soap Hub is pretty disgusted by this week’s display of unbelievable disrespect towards women, as it put the nail in the coffin of Sam’s character development during this decade. Again, WHY?

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