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Daddy Dearest Valentin: Good Man? Good Father? Or All A Ruse?

Charlotte and Valentin on General HospitalCharlotte and Valentin on General Hospital

That Valentin keeps making us guess, doesn’t he? The still-mysterious General Hospital (GH) character has our hearts one minute and our hate the next.

You hate that he swiped Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) from Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) house without saying a word. You love that he serenaded Nina (Michelle Stafford) with Billy Joel at the Nurses’ Ball.

You hate that he allegedly shot Nikolas and is the kind of guy who can come up with fake passports in minutes. But, do you love the way he treats Charlotte? Soap Hub asked if you think Valentin is a good dad, and you had plenty to say.

Father Of The Year
Out of about 7,000 votes, 73% of you love watching Charlotte and her papa together. You know Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) loves her more than anything in the world and melt when he calls her by the French nickname “Petit.”

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He even made sure to take her to a place she always wanted to go so she’d think it was a treat and they weren’t going on the run. He may have been nuts to skip town with her, but at least he wants her to have peace of mind.

Get Her To Her Mother
Then, there are 13% of you who think he’s a terrible father. He wasn’t even in her life for months when she first arrived in town with pseudo mommy Claudette (Bree Williamson). He kept her from her real mother for years, and let her grow attached to Nina knowing that relationship was never stable.

The Jury’s Still Out
The final 14% of you just can’t seem to make up your minds. You can see how much he and Charlotte love each other, but you can’t seem to get the image of the Valentin you met last summer out of your minds.

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