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The Crime of Passion: Do Alexis and Julian Belong Still Together on General Hospital (GH)?

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General Hospital (GH) couples have a tendency to break up and get together again. And break up and get together again. And….

Mobster couples are particularly prone to this redundant phenomenon. Just look at Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright).

Do mobster couple Julian (William deVry) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) belong in the same category? , Meaning, doomed to being together forever no matter what? Here’s what almost 8,000 GH viewers had to say about the possibility:

Julexis in Excess
How could you even ask, wonder 57% of you? Those two sizzle together, and they’ve clearly got the feelings to back up the heat. Even when Julian held a knife to her throat, you know Alexis still wanted him (we jest). If she could overlook him trying to kill other people, why should she take offense at him doing it to her?

Alexis isn’t the judgmental type. And it’s only fair. She has a child with Sonny the mobster, she has a child with his brother the sleaze, and one with Julian.

Alexis has very high standards, and Julian’s abs are the only ones that could ever come close to meeting them.

End the Nightmare!
It was bad enough the first (and second… and third….) time, and 42% of the audience has no intention of sitting through whichever number round this is. How seriously are you supposed to take an allegedly meant to be romance when it began with a drunken hook-up in a car as teens, and ended with…well, see the knife incident above?

So what if Alexis and Julian have a child together? Sam (Kelly Monaco) doesn’t want to have much to do with Julian, either. (Not that she’s against all mobsters, just this one, under this particular circumstance.) The Jeromes were never a family, and they should stop trying to be. Move on, folks!

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Video Credit: Emie Craigo

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