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Why Doesn’t General Hospital Know What To Do With Drew?

General Hospital DrewWhy Doesn't General Hospital Know What To Do With Drew?

When General Hospital decided to bring in All My Children veteran Cameron Mathison to play a recast Drew Cain in 2021, it was met with much fanfare and the audience couldn’t wait to see what would happen to the character after he finally escaped from a hellish prison that Peter August kept him in for two years.

General Hospital’s New Drew Had Potential

For months, fans endured Mathison with a bushy beard that practically covered his face as Drew tried to find his way out of Peter’s prison cell and back to Port Charles. When he finally got there, he shaved and Mathison demonstrated he had chemistry with actors across the Port Charles canvas. From Kelly Monaco’s Sam McCall to Rebecca Herbst’s Elizabeth Webber, Drew could have been paired with any number of women, but instead, he ended up being paired with Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright).

Yes, Drew became the new Jason Morgan, Drew’s twin and a character Drew thought he was from 2015 to 2017. Granted, when Mathison was hired, GH might not have known Jason would have to be killed when Steve Burton refused to comply with Disney/ABC’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, so he wasn’t meant to be a replacement Jason for Carly. However, that’s what he’s been turned into.

Why Is Drew So Happy?

Yes, Mathison has an infectious smile, but there is no reason for Drew to be written so happy and optimistic almost all of the time. He was kept a prisoner for years, away from his daughter and the rest of his family. He should be raging and more interested in seeking revenge on Peter’s accomplice, Victor Cassadine than he is in ELQ. In fact, Drew rarely showed an interest in the family company before he became Peter’s prisoner so it makes little sense that this former Navy SEAL and hitman would now think he has more media and business experience than Ned Quartermaine.

Very little about Drew makes sense these days and it’s as if the General Hospital writers inserted a generic character who could work in any story rather than using Mathison’s talents to show a man who wants the life that was stolen from him back.

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