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Soap Hub Performer of the Week for General Hospital: Kin Shriner

General Hospital Kin Shriner Performer of the Week May 2

First introduced on General Hospital in 1965, Scotty is perhaps the longest-running character in soaps today. Versatile actor Kin Shriner, who assumed the role in 1977 and has played him on and off ever since is adept at both drama and comedy. For his recent performances as a man finding himself in an unexpected budding romance with Leisl Obrecht, Soap Hub bestows Shriner with Soap Hub’s Performer of the Week honors.

Kin Shriner — Performer of the Week

A bit of time had passed since Scotty and Liesl (the always entertaining Kathleen Gati) had seen each other so, the legal eagle was somewhat apprehensive when he ran into the good doctor at the Metro Court, wondering if she was still interested in him. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that the answer was “Ja!”

The couple’s chemistry jumps off the screen, so it’s not surprising that it doesn’t take much for folks in Port Charles to figure out what was going on between them. First up, Peter (Wes Ramsey) told the pair that it was nice seeing them together as they’d both lost so much over the last few years.

Scotty, understandably, flew into a rage and accosted Peter, knowing that he killed his son Franco (Roger Howarth). The episode director caught Liesl’s reaction to seeing Scott behaving so passionately. Her interest in him grew as the duo’s rooting factor increased.

The next day, Scotty and Liesl (what would their “smush” name be — Sliesl? Lotty?) once again showed up at the Metro Court restaurant, having spent another night together. Scotty jumped when he heard someone was behind him as he and Liesl were talking about the aforementioned evening. It was Laura (Genie Francis), who, let’s face it, will always be the love of his life.

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Now, the two are friends, however, and Laura couldn’t help but advise her ex to be careful as she tried not to express how shocked she was at Scotty’s choice in the romance department. Still, Laura conceded that she could understand why they’d connect given their both hurting over the loss of Franco.

While Laura and Scotty may never be the happy newlyweds they were back in the summer of 1979, it’s nice to see that they can now be pals. Scotty will likely always value Laura’s opinion.

Laura politely but quickly excused herself, letting Scotty and Liesl get back to an important topic — her being in danger! Next, it was time for Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) to find out about her mother and Scott. The attorney showed up at the General Hospital Chief of Staff’s office, announcing he was there to protect Liesl.

Britt’s reaction to Liesl and Scotty, much like Laura’s, bordered on comedic and was definitely incredulous. The Scotty/Liesl pairing appeared to come out of left field after he killed that doctor who was attacking her — but Shriner has once again shown why he’s been able to delight viewers for decades. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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