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On the Couch: Why Does GH’s Spencer Cassadine Do What He Does?

What might make Spencer Cassadine stop his destructive behavior.

general hospital spencer cassadine is ready to sit on the soap hub therapist couchIt's time to examine Spencer Cassadine.

General Hospital fans watched Spencer Cassadine grow up. We were there when Jax and Carly lied about his paternity, and we were there when Nikolas spoiled the boy rotten. We saw his precocious flirting with Emma, his rivalry with Cameron, and his weird Phantom of the Opera phase. Which is why we think we, better than any shrink, have insight into his pretty messed-up psyche.

Spencer Cassadine: Poor Little Orphan Boy

Young Spencer visibly suffered from the lack of a mother. He built up Courtney (Alicia Leigh Willis) to near mythic proportions, and both Nikiolas and Uncle Sonny (Maurice Benard) did little to disabuse him of the notion. Spencer thought he was better than other people because of who he was born to be, not who he actually was.

Second General Hospital Blow

Then, a teenage Spencer lost Nikolas. His father was presumed dead, so Grandma Laura (Genie Francis) became his guardian. Laura tried her best, but Spencer was a handful. So like all good soap opera parents, she shipped the boy off to boarding school. And gave him an unlimited credit card.

When Nikolas returned, Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) felt rightfully betrayed. He also wasn’t thrilled by his new stepmother. Spencer thought Ava (Maura West) was stealing his daddy’s attention.

Spencer Cassadine: Nothing To Live Up To

Once, Spencer thought he was better than everyone because he was a Cassadine. Now, Spencer is afraid that he’s worse — for the same reason. Nikolas disappointed him. First, by sleeping with Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl), then by holding her prisoner. Esme disappointed him by pulling the wool over Spencer’s eyes for as long as she did.

Spencer wishes he could be a good person like his friend, Cameron (William Lipton), and especially like Trina (Tabyana Ali). Spencer is afraid he can never be like them. So what does he do? He puts them down when can. And pushes them away when he can’t.

Spencer is afraid of not being the man Trina thinks he is. And he’s even more afraid of being the man he already thinks he is.

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