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Intolerable Cruelty: GH Seems Addicted To Torturing Sasha Gilmore

Why does the show seem to thrive on Sasha’s utter and complete misery?

GH Sasha GilmoreGH Sasha Gilmore

Soap Hub already examined the torture that General Hospital writers put Sasha Gilmore Corbin through this past summer, but since then, it has gotten oh-so-much worse for her that it seems like torturing her is a sport on the part of General Hospital.

How Could Sasha Gilmore Deserve More Torture?

Before Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) even met Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor), she had already been poisoned by Cassandra Pierce (Jessica Tuck) and nearly died. She then sacrificed her relationship with Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) so that he could keep custody of his son, leading her to turn to drugs. Laced drugs led to a heart attack and Brando coming to her rescue.

Her idyllic pregnancy after a one-night stand with Brando didn’t fool us. Nobody could be that happy, right? Not on a soap, but what happened next was too much for anyone to bear. While we expected drama at the end of the pregnancy, we didn’t expect GH to go as far as it did.

Dead Baby Christmas And Now A Dead Husband

We will never understand why GH writers felt the need to kill a newborn at Christmas time and make an actress who had just given birth herself play that story, but they did it, and we had to endure it.

We then had to watch Sasha start taking drugs again, run down her friend’s mother while the paparazzi chased her, melt down on TV when a clueless person gave her a baby carrier to model, smash a smarmy reporter’s windshield when he taunted her about losing her child, and then smash a stranger’s phone when he recorded her reaction to Lucy firing her as the Face of Deception. We didn’t think it could get worse, but GH outdid itself.

Just when Sasha thought she could get her life together with her husband Brando as her legal guardian, just until she got the mental help she needed, Brando was stabbed by the new serial killer known as The Hook. To make things worse, GH made sure Sasha was fooled into believing Brando would make it and was kissing him right before he had the seizure that ended his life.

And it wasn’t over there. Sasha’s new legal lifeline that is supposed to prevent her from going to prison was Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy), and then Diane was hooked, possibly leaving Sasha’s fate in the air again.

Seriously, GH writers? This has to be a joke by now. What did someone named Sasha ever do to you that you needed to do this to her?

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