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Heather Webber Has A Hospital Hopping History on GH

She’s done it before. She did it again.

Heather Webber GH

General Hospital fans are having a hard time wrapping their minds around the reveal that Heather Webber is The Hook who’s been killing all around town for weeks. For one thing, if she was doing it for the benefit of Esme Prince, why did the killing begin before Esme even came to Port Charles? And, for another, isn’t Heather supposed to be locked up in a mental hospital? Shouldn’t those places have, you know, security? At least a lock on the door? How was Heather able to pull it off? Would it help to know…this isn’t her first time?

GH Back To the Past

Back in the early 1980s, Dr. Jeff Webber (then-Richard Dean Anderson) — this was before we knew he was a philanderer who would brainwash his daughter, and we still thought he was an upstanding guy — wanted to marry his true love, Annie Logan (Susan Pratt). But he couldn’t. Because he was still married. To Heather (then-Robin Mattson). And he couldn’t divorce Heather, because Heather was catatonic in a mental hospital, the results of drinking some LSD she’d intended for Diana Taylor (Brooke Bundy), adoptive mother of Heather and Jeff’s son, Steven Lars (renamed PJ by his adoptive folks).

Heather Webber Fooled You

Heather woke up from her catatonic state. But decided to keep that detail to herself. Being locked up in a mental hospital gave her great cover for sneaking out to spy on Jeff and Annie, as well as Diana and PJ. She’d dress up as a lookalike nurse to fool the cameras, and got her roommate, Sarah, a sweet, innocent, mentally ill woman who idolized Heather, to cover for her. (We’ve also just realized that Jeff’s other daughter shares a name with the woman who Heather manipulated — and Jeff knew. But we won’t dwell on that.)

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Means, Motive, and GH Opportunity

One night, Heather snuck out to murder Diana and pin the crime on Annie. That ended up not working out. But the point is, she’s been breaking out maximum security for 40 years now. Should we really be surprised she managed to do it again?

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