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GH’s Spencer Cassadine Needs Some Life Goals, Here’s Some Suggestions

Who will Spencer be when he grows up on GH?

spencer cassadine on general hospital double images.Spencer could use some direction with his GH life.

General Hospital’s Trina really laid some truths on Spencer Cassadine when she told him that not only was he not Ace’s father and so should not make the adorable baby the center of his universe, but also that the baby was Esme’s responsibility. Spencer had better start thinking about their future, one without Esme and Ace. Does Spencer have any life plans? Goals? Inklings of ideas for what he plans to spend the next 70 or so years doing? Spencer did not. Lucky for Prince Cassadine, we have some suggestions.

Spencer Cassadine: Worship Service

Unlike Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez), Trina (Tabyana Ali) does have ambitions. With nothing better to do, Spencer can dedicate his life to supporting her. He can make sure that nothing gets in the way of her studies. He can cook and clean and run errands for her. You know, like he is currently trying to do for Ace. He can focus all his love and attention on Trina instead.

GH: Community Service

Spencer is very rich. Think of all the good his money could do. He can start a foundation. Fund all sorts of worthy causes. How about a home for single mothers — that he can move Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) into? How about a rehab for the paralyzed? He can send Curtis (Donnell Turner) there. And Portia (Brook Kerr) can follow…which would get her out of Trina and Spencer’s way. Or he can fund Portia’s research. Keep her too busy to nag her daughter and Spencer.

Spencer Cassadine: World Service

GH was never clear on what exactly the Cassadines are royalty of. Sometimes they’re Greek, and sometimes they’re Russian. Spencer’s full name, Spencer Nikolaivitch, suggests Russian origin. Why doesn’t he do something about the situation in his home country? It’s quite a mess. That should keep him busy. And away from Esme and Ace.

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