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GH False Equivalence: Anna Devane & Sonny’s Shootings Are Not the Same

Sonny Corinthos is whitewashing his GH past AGAIN!

general hospital anna devane and sonny corinthos looking upset.Did GH get this wrong?

Anna Devane is absolutely devastated over accidentally shooting Charlotte on General Hospital. As everything in Port Charles is Sonny’s business, he felt compelled to chime in and share the tale of how he once shot his own son, Dante, in the chest. And they’re totes cool now.

Anna Devane: It’s Not the Same

So Anna shouldn’t feel guilty or worry about her relationship with Valentin. Hey, these things happen — especially in Port Charles. However, the thing that happened to Anna is not the same as the thing that happened to Sonny. Here are the major differences.

Stand Your Ground

Anna (Finola Hughes) feared for her life. She was being stalked. She’d been shot at and her house had burned down. She walked into her new apartment and found a stranger in a black cloak rummaging through her things and holding a bulky item Anna mistook for a gun.

Of course, she took the shot. She did not know who she was shooting at. Anna was afraid that the person who’d come after her before had come after her again. She only realized it was Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez), daughter of her love, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), once the lights were turned on.

Dirty Screw

Back in the day, Sonny (Maurice Benard) was afraid for his life because he was a mobster who killed people. It stood to reason some of those people might want to fight back. Like, say, the cop standing in front of him now. Dante (Dominic Zapronga) had lied about his identity, pretended to be a member of Sonny’s organization in order to bring him down, then clearly identified himself as a cop and placed Sonny under arrest. Everything by the book.

Sonny shot him in the chest. Dante was lying on the floor, bleeding out, Sonny doing nothing to help him. He was going to let him die until Olivia (Lisa Locicero) swept in, screaming that Dante was Sonny’s son. Sonny’s son? Well, now that was a mobster of a different color! Suddenly, Sonny was calling for an ambulance, begging for Dante to hold on, screaming, “I love you!” See, just like Anna and Charlotte! Um, no, nothing like Anna and Charlotte.

Different Strokes

Anna didn’t know who Charlotte was. She wasn’t under arrest. Anna wasn’t a criminal who deserved to be under arrest, and Anna would have never shot if she knew it was Charlotte, even if she did know Charlotte was her stalker. Sonny’s story was yet another attempt to whitewash his own past. It shouldn’t have reassured Anna in the slightest.

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