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Emails From Afar: GH’s Lucky Spencer Checks In With His Family

How will Laura and Liz react to this GH message?

lucky spencer on general hospital writing emails home.It's time for Lucky Spencer to check in.

It’s been a while since Lucky Spencer’s General Hospital family has heard from him. Sure, they’ve all been busy, too. Laura is trying to track down a presumed dead Nikolas, Elizabeth had a lot of drama with her parents and then very little drama with Finn, while Cameron is away at college, Jake is dating a Cassadine psycho, and Aiden is…still baking somewhere? So here’s what Lucky would say to them all, if they had time to read it.

From The Desk of Lucky Spencer: Dear Mom

I know I promised I’d check in regularly, but chasing the darkness is turning out to be a lot more complicated than I expected. Sure, it gets dark every night pretty regularly. But then, the next morning, what do you know — it gets light again. My soul isn’t quite sure how to process that. I thought, growing up with you and Dad, I’d be used to the world constantly changing all around me with no rhyme or reason. One minute, we’re running a diner in Canada. The next, I’m hitchhiking to Port Charles.

One minute, Dad is crazy about you and thrilled to be a family man. The next, he’s saying that he never liked it, he always felt trapped, and everything we thought we saw with our own eyes wasn’t the cast at all. I’m still trying to process all that. Maybe that’s why, whenever I so much as consider coming home, I can’t quite figure out where — or what — home is.

Dear Elizabeth

I talked to Cam, and he seems well-settled at Stanford. You were right, getting away from Joss has done wonders for his mental health. But now I’m worried about Jake. Aiden tells me he’s dating Charlotte. Look, you and I know better than anyone that we are not our parents. But…Charlotte?

Helena’s granddaughter? The Helena who kidnapped Jake and let us believe for years that our son was dead? The one who brainwashes people as often as other people wash their hair? Are we sure she didn’t do something to Charlotte and sicced her on Jake? She did it to me when she brainwashed me into no longer loving you. And I know I’ve never really recovered from that. Keep me posted on how you and the kids are doing. I’ll check in again in a year or two.

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