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Email From Afar: What GH’s Holly Sutton Wants To Tell Robert

The GH letter that could change everything.

general hospital letters from afar holly sutton to robert scorpio.Holly Scorpio might write this.

General Hospital has one of the largest casts on television. Not everybody gets a chance to shine on the front burner. But that doesn’t mean fans don’t care about them. Fans even care about characters no longer on the canvas. That’s why we’re here. To fill in the gap of what Holly Sutton would tell Robert if she were onscreen…and he was onscreen long enough to read it.

Holly Sutton: The Ransom of Red Chief

My darling, Robert — Terribly sorry it’s been so long since my last message. I’ve been chasing Ethan around the globe, and he doesn’t make it easy. Just when I’ve put out one fire he’s started, he throws gasoline on another flame — then leaves me to clean up the mess. I keep telling myself he does the wrong things for the right reasons. I should be proud of him. Who else has a child willing to speak truth to power?

GH: I Think I’d Better Think It Out Again

But the more I rush in to help him, the more I am starting to suspect that he’s only willing to play hero — as long as it doesn’t cost him anything personally. He never pays for anything. And I find myself paying for everything. Literally and figuratively. Ethan hasn’t just cost me money. Or sleepless nights. Ethan has cost me you.

Robert Scorpio: Always Something There To Remind Me

I felt so guilty over the circumstances of his childhood I blamed myself, even though parenting from a coma is an impossible proposition. I vowed I would do anything necessary to make it up to him, to be there for him, to prove that he could count on me. Have I become one of those horrible helicopter parents? Have I decided to smooth out my son’s path to the point where he no longer appreciates it? He simply expects it as his due?

Holly Sutton: Happy Days

Have I led Ethan to believe that his happiness is more important than anything? More important than mine? Than yours? I thought I could handle it all by myself. Turns out I was wrong. I need you to tell me what to do. I need you to tell me what comes next in our story.

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