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A Critic’s Review of General Hospital: Somber Reunions and Remembrances

The author’s opinions on GH are hers and hers alone. Just know this: everything’s based on pure emotion, be it right or wrong.

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When it comes to General Hospital, every fan has their own opinion — and Soap Hub is no different. For five days, we sat and watched the good, the bad, and everything in between. Here we lead with optimism. Unfortunately, we don’t always get what we want. So here’s a review of GH’s week that was, which included the residents of Port Charles officially saying goodbye to Spencer Cassadine.

What I Am Feeling This Week: Mixed Bag of Emotions (Spencer’s Farewell)

Sometimes, it’s okay to devote an episode to a single story. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened with Spencer’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) memorial service. Actually, they didn’t spend any time showing the service at all. The mourners arrived, they milled around, talked, and grieved together. And then the next second, it was over.

We were told Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) gave a moving eulogy for Spencer. And we heard some in voiceover. But I would have loved to have seen it for myself. The most moving moment was when Trina (Tabyana Ali) saw Cameron (William Lipton) and they hugged. In fact, I loved the somber reunion of Joss (Eden McCoy), Cameron, and Trina. You could feel the history between Joss and Cameron. The initial awkwardness between the two. It felt right for him to be there and I’ve always adored the connection between Cameron and Trina as well. So it meant a lot that he was there. And I hope William Lipton comes back sooner rather than later.

Then something strange happened. Cameron and Joss went off to the reception at Wyndemere afterward, while Trina went home with her parents. What? If I had had my wish, I would have loved to have seen the entire day from the vantage point of these three, the friends who were closest to Spencer. They knew him in ways the adults would never ever get to know him. It would have been great to see the three of them at least stick together the rest of the day.

Instead, we had to see Trina go home with her parents. And while I do (most of the time) like Portia (Brook Kerr), she’s not anyone who ever truly tried to empathize with Spencer. In fact, she worked against him at times. And, even though Joss and Cameron didn’t always get along with Spencer, they were ultimately friends who fought and laughed and backed each other when it counted. I really wanted more of those kinds of emotional moments even though Spencer will no doubt show up alive in the future.

Other GH Thoughts

What Else I’m Feeling: Heather Webber (Daytime Emmy-winner Alley Mills) Mourns Esme. She was over-the-top with her mourning, but you could also feel the pain that was at her core. She lashed out at Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) while basically gushing over Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). I felt for her while, at the same time, not feeling anything for the fact that Esme is presumed dead along with Spencer.

What I’m Not Feeling: Finn’s (Michael Easton) malpractice lawsuit just finished, and instead of giving us a little bit of a break from those involved in that story, they decided to double down on the Gregory (Gregory Harrison) ALS story. Right there at the memorial service, Gregory had a health scare and then there was a big long conversation about what they’re going through. It wasn’t the time or the place!

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Relatable Conversation: Having said all this about Gregory, he had a conversation this week that I related to big time. It was the part about moving in with Finn and how multigenerational families often live under one roof. I hope everyone listens to that. Families have to do what they have to do in order to take care of each other. That is, if it’s an option.

Congratulations: Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). I mean, I can’t see her, once again, being tied down to such a steady gig like the PCPD Commissioner. But, I’m happy that this means Anna and Jordan (Tanisha Harper) have their in when it comes to working with Jagger AKA John Cates (Adam J. Harrington) at the FBI. Hopefully, this means more action scenes for Jordan and Anna.

Key Conversation #1: Laura (Genie Francis) and Nikolas (Adam Huss). I am really digging Adam Huss, who infuses Nikolas with emotion and vulnerability. Yet when those walls go up, they’re impenetrable. I would love to see him more often on GH, but who knows if/when that will happen? I think Huss held his own with Genie Francis. And while I’m feeling a little less sympathetic to Laura’s plight these days, I do have empathy for someone who’s experienced so much loss and tragedy.

Key Conversation #2: Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jagger. I don’t know why but I liked this conversation even though I know it’s not the original Jagger playing the guy who knew Sonny such a long time ago. I hope we get more of these two going toe to toe. Feels like eventually, they could be allies. After all, they both loved the late Stone (Michael Sutton).

Random Comments:
-You can miss me with this Lucy (Lynn Herring) and Scott (Kin Shriner) redux moment. I’m still a card-carrying Scott and Liesl (Kathleen Gati) fan.
-As for Martin (Michael E. Knight), he’s still in my doghouse for folding so easily in Michael’s presence. MICHAEL (Chad Duell). The least scary human being ever.
-Michael’s relationships continue to get repaired — he and Willow (Kate MacMullen) are thisclose to complete reconciliation. Meanwhile, his relationship with Sonny might get shaky…again.
-However, Nina (Cynthia Watros) imitating Martin to Martin’s face was brilliant.
-I don’t blame the advertisers for being cautious and wanting to pull their ads from Crimson.
Did I not say last week that I don’t like the way Gregory influences Tracy? She feels the exact same way! Unfortunately, she won’t do anything about it.
-Drew (Cameron Mathison) has suffered a lot in his life, and so many in Port Charles have suffered. But they act like Nina hasn’t. But wasn’t Nina in a coma for a bunch of years? She knows what it’s like to suffer.

Carly and Drew: I’m wondering what’s going to happen with Drew’s anger — is something bad going to happen? Because Drew’s unable to contain it when it comes to Nina. Even though Sam (Kelly Monaco) has talked to him, Carly (Laura Wright) has talked to him, Willow has even talked to him. I did really like Carly telling Drew that the bigger win is just to play it like she’s irrelevant. They have Crimson, they should make Crimson the best it can be. She even put their relationship on the line to get her point across. But I don’t think Drew’s going to stop his personal vendetta anytime soon.

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