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Family Ties: Why Haven’t Liz’s Parents EVER Visited General Hospital?

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When Liz first arrived on General Hospital, it was to live with her sister, Sarah, and her step-grandmother Audrey. Liz was bad! She used bad words! She wore bikinis! She smoked! Bad to the bone, by soap opera standards.

Maybe her parents, Jeff and… uh… Mrs. Jeff, sent Liz (Rebecca Herbst) to Port Charles so she could take a lesson from her angelic sister, and get some sense pounded into her by Gram. It was possible, at the time, to believe that Liz and her mom and dad had a troubled relationship.

But a lot has happened in more than two decades years. Elizabeth was raped which, in true soap fashion, turned her good. She got married — several times. She gave birth to three sons. One died and came back to life. And still, her parents have kept their distance. Does this make any kind of sense? What almost 15,000 fans think:

Hard To Understand
It makes no sense at all, 68% of you decree. Even if your child was possessed by the Devil — sorry, that’s a different show — you still visit them once in a while. Happy occasions, sad occasions, heck, any occasion at all.

This isn’t the pre-MacGyver Dr. Jeff Webber you remember. The one who mourned the son he thought he’d lost, then rejoiced when he turned out to be alive and well and adopted by a woman who conveniently died.

Bad To the Bone
Only 32% believe that Jeff and Mrs. Jeff never recovered from whatever Liz put them through during her teen years. They cut her off for some very good reason, and have yet to find one for reuniting.

They don’t want to see her, she doesn’t want to see them, and that goes for Cam, Jake, and Aiden, too. The Webbers will focus on Steven Lars and Sarah, instead. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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