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Charlotte’s Mama Story Has So Many Holes It’s Like Swiss Cheese

Lulu Meets Charlotte on General HospitalLulu Meets Charlotte on General Hospital

General Hospital currently has the most unusual case of SORAS we’ve ever seen. While Lulu having another child out there could have been quite the story, there are so many holes in this it has us scratching our heads.

First, poor Charlotte is going to need some serious therapy sooner rather than later. In the 2-3 months she’s been in Port Charles, she’s had three fathers and is onto her second mother. That could make any kid a head case, and when that kid is being raised by a Cassadine, psychological problems could be even worse.

But, putting all that aside, how on Earth was this girl born in 2009, as stated on the records Lulu found on Thursday. That was seven years ago, and just last week, Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Dante celebrated meeting each other–you guessed it–seven years ago.

We KNOW that Cassadine-created embryo was not made the day they met, so someone needs to go back to math class.

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We were willing to believe the embryo created TWO years ago in real-time was SORAS’d in soap time, but we’re not willing to believe Claudette was a surrogate months before Lulu and Dante met.


Couple that with what we will assume was a prop error weeks ago when Charlotte’s birth certificate had her born in 1992, and this story is about to make us lose our minds.

Of course, we also have to think about embryo baby, Rocco. He also recently aged, but now he looks Charlotte’s age. Are we to believe both of these embryos were born at the same time or that Rocco is older and conceived before his parents ever met?

While Soap Hub suspects she might have come from an embryo made from Lulu and Dante (anything is possible), that still doesn’t fit the timeline because…continue reading on the next page —>

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