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When Carly Learns What Ava Did–Watch Out!

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Carly now knows something happened to Morgan’s pills on General Hospital. She believes without a shadow of a doubt that Morgan never stopped taking them, thanks to Nelle finding his diary. Now, she needs to learn what exactly happened.

If we know Carly (Laura Wright), she will dig and dig until she gets her answer because she trusts what her son wrote in that journal.

Eventually, Ava’s duplicity will come out and things will never be the same. What she did with Morgan’s meds directly led to his breakdown and alleged death, so Soap Hub asked what you think Carly will do when she discovers what really happened.

Out of about 6,000 votes, 79% of you expect Carly’s Mama Bear crazy to come out in full force. There’s no love lost between her and Ava (Maura West), and you can see Carly unleashing her full fury on the vile vixen who thought she was doing nothing but playing a game to keep Kiki (Hayley Erin) and Morgan (Bryan Craig) apart. Ava rarely thinks about consequences and better watch her back when Carly lets it rip.


A much smaller 14% of you think Carly will use the law to punish Ava and go to the cops with what she knows. She’ll want to make sure Ava pays in the worst way possible–with time behind bars. However, she still may let out her anger before turning over evidence.

The final 7% aren’t sure what Carly will do, but you know it won’t be pleasant for Ava. Perhaps Carly will even lose her mind and try to gun Ava down. You never know how a mother will react when her child is gone.

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