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Carly Corinthos Maybe Morgan: Her Complex General Hospital Road Ahead

General Hospital Carly Corinthos

While General Hospital may not have gone down the road many of its viewers expected (for some a relief, for others red-hot anger), there is an intriguing setup that has been planted that could lead Carly Corinthos Maybe Morgan to her own ruin.

General Hospital: A Fork In Carly’s Road

Talk about a plethora of riches for Carly (Laura Wright). She had married her best friend Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), solidifying them both as the head of the Corinthos Crime Family, they had just admitted they loved each other again after all these years (decades), and they were about to consummate their renewed love story when in walked her not-dead husband, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

Yay, right? Well, hold your horses. Carly didn’t look as thrilled as you might expect. She looked torn. The way she eyed her Jason rings as she and Sonny left the bedroom, the look that passed between her and Jason when he went to leave, and the fact everyone knows her grip on power has now evaporated because there is no way Sonny will listen to her as an equal the way Jason did.

And as Jasper “Jax” Jacks noted earlier on General Hospital, Carly was enjoying being the boss — to his mind, a little too much. Jax knew, as does Sonny, that Carly is usually a shoot first and aim later kind of gal. She’s impulsive. She acts out. She is vengeful. These are all dangerous qualities in a head mobster. Yet, with Jason there to sort of balance her out, it worked. And she thrived.

While it appears that Sonny and Carly will want to pick up where they left off, that’s impossible. They are not the same people they were nine months ago. Will Carly be able to settle back into simply owning the Metro Court? That doesn’t challenge her the way being a Mafia Princess did. Will her wanting more also cause a rift between BFFs Sonny and Jason, as one supports that desire and the other doesn’t?

And what about those reawakened feelings for Jason? Once Pandora’s Box is opened, can she really repress those feelings yet again, like she had to oh-so-many years ago? General Hospital may have delayed the messy emotional dumpster fire that some fans wanted but that doesn’t mean it isn’t planning on delivering just that down the line.

If that is the way the story is going, it could give some truly meaty material to all the players, as feelings are sure to escape out into the open — and then what? Will Sonny be able to ignore it? Will Carly and Jason? And if not, is there a huge confrontation coming down the pike? Here’s hoping!

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