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Brain Drain: What Is Kevin Up To On General Hospital?

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As far as General Hospital viewers knew, Kevin was a psychiatrist, not a neurologist. They both work on the brain but in completely different ways.

General Hospital Polling

Not Kevin (Jon Lindstrom). Kevin, it would seem, works on both. (He won’t be the first physician at GH with a multitude of specialties.) Kevin has had Faison’s (Andres Hove) brain for a while. But now he’s running some creepy experiments. What is Kevin up to? Almost 2,000 fans take their best guess:

Brotherly Love

Almost half of you, 49%, assume Kevin is still determined to “fix” Ryan. It’s interesting since his brother’s problems stem from childhood sexual abuse that Kevin thinks the solution is in the physical make-up of his brain, rather than in psychiatry, Kevin’s specialty.

But, who knows, maybe he’ll discover something. At the very least, maybe he’ll be able to help Anna (Finola Hughes) with her search for the rheumatoid arthritis gene Peter (Wes Ramsey) carries. But you think he’s really doing it for Ryan, nonetheless.

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For Your Own Good…Or Ryan

A smaller 38% of General Hospital fans hope that Kevin isn’t just doing his research for Ryan’s sake but for the good of all mankind. Maybe if he can figure out how to cure Ryan, it will be applicable to other people. Of course, there’s the whole ethics issue of treating people who don’t want to be treated by messing around in their brains, but we’re sure Kevin would never do anything unethical…

Doctor, Doctor

In last place are the 13% who don’t see anything creepy in what Kevin is doing (even if you’re not exactly sure what that is). Doctors constantly play with brains. That’s their job. Of course, not if they’re psychiatrists, but Kevin is special.

If Ryan could be a pediatrician and a kidnapper and a killer, Kevin can surely stretch a little – and less dangerously – professionally. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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