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General Hospital Star Finola Hughes On Dealing With Family During A Pandemic

General Hospital Finola HughesGeneral Hospital Finola Hughes

The last eight months have been surreal for the entire world and especially Americans, as the coronavirus has spread here out of control, unlike other countries across the globe that managed to contain it due to listening to health experts and scientists. We’ve hunkered down at home and families have been closer together than ever. General Hospital star Finola Hughes has found a way to navigate through the chaos and wants you to, as well.

Finola Hughes On Family

“Hi, I want to give a shout-out to someone who has been very integral to the well being of my kids during this lockdown. Veenu has given me some wonderful advice to navigate the stresses and beauties of these recent challenges. Families are like gardens, they need tending.”

Between virtual learning and so much together time, stress can get in the way of happier moments together, but Hughes has clearly been taking advantage of webinars designed to help us all mitigate the chaos.

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Veenu Inspires promotes the following for their Zoom sessions: “Many of us went from leaving our kids at school, to now school being in our living room. During this time, many behaviors or frustrations that were not there before are now prominent in all you do. Even with some schools opening up, the underlying chaos that once was did not go away it just morphed into something new.

Over the years, parents say their chaos derives from kids not listening, staying on schedule or even having a schedule, the tonality in the home, and making sure your children feel they are not different because “other” kids get to. If any of this sounds familiar and you are looking to change the dynamics for yourself and your family then join us. Turn what becomes lots of noise and yes, what I would call chaos into peace for all.”

On-screen, Anna has her own chaos as she tries to figure out whether Peter is her son or her twin sister, Alex’s. With more and more people gunning for Peter (Wes Ramsey), including Dante on orders from Liesl Obrecht, things don’t look like they’re going to calm down for her any time soon. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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