General Hospital

Battle To The Finish: Which One Should Be Jason Morgan?

Since the day we learned Steve Burton would be returning to General Hospital (GH), we’ve had mixed feelings about the scenario–not because we have anything against Burton, but because we’ve grown to love Billy Miller in the role.

As we’ve had time to let the news of Burton’s comeback sink in, the more we’ve thought about the last three years of GH and the epic love story of Jason and Sam. Did we root for “Jasam” from the moment Kelly Monaco and Miller had their first scenes together because we knew he was Jason–or because of what we saw onscreen?

And, Soap Hub has come to realize it’s because of what we saw onscreen. The pair have a palpable chemistry that did fall by the wayside earlier this year as Jason and Sam experienced wedded bliss expecting their second child, but they have also created a new history for this couple and Miller has explored different aspects of the character.

Jason has grown from the man that just had to be in the mob, put his life and loved ones in danger, and kill people for two decades.

Sure, he had to be there with Sonny (Maurice Benard) and get himself shot, but that’s kinda, sorta Sam’s fault. Her guilt over what she did compelled her to tell him to go, and then she distracted him during an active shooter situation, but put that aside for a moment. (We’re trying.)

Sam also married this man who has a new face–and had a child with him. While soaps have had this new face meets old face story before, with both the audience and love interest believing they are with the old person with the new face, we didn’t like it before and we won’t like it now.

Marlena thought John was Roman for years until he turned out to be John on Days of Our Lives, while Téa thought Victor was Todd for years and even had his child (who died, and who Sam happened to think was her baby during a soap crossover).

Of course, a man with Todd’s face now lives in Port Charles in the form of Franco (Roger Howarth), and he could be the key to making sure Burton’s return works perfectly. Things will be much more interesting if he plays a new character with Jason’s old face but related to Jason.

So, perhaps there is something to that painting of Franco with a “brother”–maybe a cousin who is Jason’s brother–even Jason’s twin. After all, Jake did say the painting was a symbol for brothers and maybe it is.

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