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Another Spin For Spinelli: How General Hospital Fans Really Feel About It!

Bradford AndersonGeneral Hospital star Bradford Anderson

Maxie has been absent from Port Charles – and new husband Nathan – for months now.

She’s been in Seattle, visiting her daughter, Georgie, and working some reportedly spectacular new job. You know who else lives in Seattle with George – and Ellie?

Damian Spinelli! Bradford Anderson is bringing his nickname-giving, hitman-worshipping computer whiz back to General Hospital. Over 7,000 viewers let us know how they feel about that!

Take Me For a Spin!
Who you gonna call when your computer is sending repeated error messages (maybe you shouldn’t have downloaded that attachment from a Nigerian prince’s widow promising to share her lottery winning with you)? Spinelli!

Who you gonna call when you want to hang out with a mono-syllabic, brain-damaged hit-man for a classic daytime bro-mance? Spinelli!

Who you gonna call when you think that yeah, sure, abs and a killer smile are nice, but Maxie’s true soul-mate is the funny-looking father of her baby? Spinelli!

And that’s why a near-unanimous 96% of you are thrilled to bits and bytes that Anderson will be making a return appearance.

But, how will Nathan feel about it? And how will Ellie feel if Maxie decides to make her Seattle sojourn permanent?

Of course, there is no such thing as truly unanimous, and 3% of the audience has had enough of the quirky dungeon master.

For one thing, they don’t understand what he’s saying half the time. For another, they put their hearts and souls into Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) relationship, and they’re not about to let some keyboard cowboy get in the way of their living happily ever after.

If Maxie wants to bring Georgie back to Port Charles, that’s fine (though these newlyweds really deserve their alone time). But Spinelli can stay where he is. This visit had better be a short one!

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