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Anna Vs. Alex on General Hospital: Is There Really Any Contest???

General HospitalAlex or Anna on General Hospital?

Now that Anna is back on General Hospital (GH), we expect to see her battle it out with her twin, Alex, until this whole Chimera mystery is solved. (Please let it be soon.)

But, Soap Hub wondered which sister you prefer since they’re both strong-willed and bound to cause some trouble–even if one causes trouble for all the wrong people. Your answer was pretty clear.

Everything’s Anna
Out of about 2,000 votes a full 85% of you definitely prefer the tried and true. Port Charles has ever only known Anna, and Alex is a thing of Pine Valley’s past.

In fact, some of you didn’t even realize Anna had a twin since you never watched the Devane sisters during their All My Children days. However, you’re not too fond of what you’ve seen of Alex so far.

Why Not Two?
A much smaller 10% of you want to keep both of them around. After all, two Devane sisters are better than one, right?

Plus, you get to see Finola Hughes play two different women and play them against one another. What could be better? You’d love to see these two battle it out on a regular basis.

Surprising Choices
Oddly, 3% of you don’t want either around. We guess you’re over Anna and want some fresh blood–but not in the form of someone who looks just like her.

Another 2% actually prefer Alex because she’s a version of Anna who is more about self-preservation than worrying about the preservation of others.

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