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Angel Of Death: Will Sonny Inspire Even More Murder On General Hospital?

General Hospital SonnyGeneral Hospital Sonny

Wherever Sonny goes on General Hospital, murder and mayhem are sure to follow. Now, granted, usually, it’s initiated by Sonny himself. Only after someone does something to upset him – like, you know, park in his spot – and he has no choice but to fight fire with firepower.

General Hospital Polling

This time, though, Sonny (Maurice Benard) doesn’t remember his past as the baddest, goodest mobster who ever lived. He’s hanging out under the name Mike, working at Phyllis (Joyce Guy) and Lenny’s (Rif Hutton) diner.

The place has been broken into and robbed twice. Sonny doesn’t like that. He promises his benefactors that he’ll take care of it. Could this lead to their deaths? What almost 2,000 fans expect:

Innocent Man

Sonny never, ever causes any harm, 92% of the audience lectures sternly. Not unless the other party was asking for it. Phyllis and Lenny have done nothing to upset Sonny. They’ve only been kind to him.

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Ergo, nothing bad could ever happen to them. They are under Sonny’s protection. And, even when he doesn’t remember his past life as a killer – sorry, an orderer of killings – Sonny’s word is his bond. He will take care of them. They have nothing to fear. Except those who don’t love Sonny.

Collateral Damage

And that’s what worries a much smaller 8% of you. Sonny has many enemies. Bad mobsters who are jealous of the saint in their midst. They are very likely to come after their sworn enemy, once and for all. These cowards know they could never take on Sonny in his prime. No one can take on Sonny in his prime.

However, being evil, depraved criminals, they have no honor and are just the kind of people who would attack poor, defenseless, amnesiac Sonny. This could put Phyllis and Lenny in the crossfire. Still wouldn’t be Sonny’s fault, though. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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