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All Hype and No Action??? Fans Speak About THIS General Hospital Return!

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While laying at the bottom of a pit on a demolition site, a wounded Sonny received a ghostly visit from Stone on General Hospital (GH).

Sonny (Maurice Benard) considered succumbing to circumstances and heading off to the afterlife with his late friend. After all, it would mean reuniting with his son, Morgan (Bryan Craig).

But Stone (Michael Sutton) reminded Sonny that his family needed him, here on earth, and encouraged him not to give up and fight for his life.

Did GH fans enjoy seeing the twosome interact again after so many years apart? Some 4,500 of you weighed in, and the results were heavily one sided.

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Yes, It Was Great
Sonny and Stone’s touching reunion was a hit with 88% of fans, who loved seeing the old friends together again, even if it was just a dream. You enjoyed seeing Stone offer his one-time mentor comfort and guidance from beyond the grave.

It was the push Sonny needed to overcome the pain from his gunshot wound, climb out of the pit, and wait to be rescued. It made Sonny’s plight much more meaningful.

No, I Could Have Lived Without It
Some 12% of you could have lived without Stone’s appearance. You barely remember the character or his connection to Sonny. If anyone was going to appear to Sonny and urge him to fight for his life, it should have been Morgan or Connie (Kelly Sullivan). They’re two characters you truly miss and would have loved seeing again.

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