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Should Alexis Take Julian Back on General Hospital (GH)? Well, It’s Complicated

Julian and Alexis on General HospitalJulian and Alexis on General Hospital

It looks like Alexis will cave tomorrow on General Hospital (GH) and fall right back into Julian’s arms now that she seems convinced he was telling her the whole truth and nothing but in that letter he left.

It’s hard for Soap Hub to imagine falling into bed with a man who held you at dagger point less than a year earlier (with the dagger used to kill your mother, no less), but on soaps, love can certainly be blind–as can lust.

And, we can’t say Julian (William deVry) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) were ever lacking in passion.

We asked you if you think Alexis should let the mobster back into her life or if she should show him the door–or even the front end of her car–once again.

Love Conquers All
Out of nearly 6,000 votes, a plurality of you want to see Julexis continue their love story. A whole 45% of you are willing to forgive and forget Julian’s last year and hope Alexis does the same.

So what if she thought she was almost a goner and felt like an abused spouse (which she seemed to be)? True love conquers all on daytime, and you believe Julian and Alexis spell true love.

Is She Crazy???
A smaller 29% of you think Julian jumped the shark with that dagger, nearly feeding Alexis to the sharks in the process. You wouldn’t take a man back who did that to you and neither should a strong woman like Alexis.

Well, He Has This Wacky Sister, You See…But…
Then, there are 26% of you who are still weighing this one and say “it’s complicated” and it sure is.

In the course of one year, Julian and Alexis married with joy (and a hostage situation/shooting), he re-joined the mob behind her back, Ghost Carlos (as he just killed Live Carlos) tried to convince Julian to drown her, he stuck a dagger to her neck, she became an alcoholic, she ran him down with her car, and then he blackmailed her.

Well, turns out Crazy Sister Olivia (Tonja Walker) was forcing Julian to do everything that happened after the hostage-taking wedding ceremony. So, yes, it’s complicated, but he didn’t mean it, right?

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