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Alexis and Finn?! The Couple That Caught Us Totally Off Guard

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Alexis and Finn woke up in bed together the morning after the General Hospital mayoral election in a moment that viewers never saw coming.

One moment the two were acquaintances at AA meetings. The next, they were sharing donuts and their plights with one another – Finn’s (Michael Easton) drug addiction and complicated relationship with Anna (Finola Hughes) and Alexis’ (Nancy Lee Grahn) battle with alcohol and unbreakable bond with her ex-husband Julian (William deVry).

A Perfect Friendship
They both needed someone to talk to and lean on, and they found that someone in each other. It was the perfect match. Alexis and Finn were pals, pure and simple. There was no spark between them, no awkward sexually charged moments. Things were strictly platonic between them, shattering that old myth that men and women can’t simply be friends.

Suddenly Sex!
Ooops! Not so fast. On election night, Finn volunteered to be Alexis’ plus-one at the after “party.” Technically, it was a date, but not really. Finn was still pining for Anna, and Alexis couldn’t get Julian out of her head or heart.

Finn supported Alexis when she learned she’d lost to Ned (Wally Kurth).

Then, he escorted her out of Charlie’s bar, when the sight of Julian with Kim (Tamara Braun) became more than Alexis could bear. Viewers assumed the duo would each go their separate ways home. Nope. The next morning, they woke up naked and in bed together in Finn’s hotel room.

What The Heck Happened?
Suffice it say, the scene caught fans totally off guard. There had been no sign of attraction between Alexis and Finn, nor that they thought of each other as anything more than pals. They both know they’re hung up on other people.

In a super cool move, the show’s writers had the twosome be just as stunned as fans that they were under the same set of sheets. Their morning after awkwardness and talk about their sexual encounter was pure gold. And the cherry on top of the whole incident was having Anna find Alexis and Finn together.

Perhaps the surprise tryst was devised to make Anna come to her senses about Finn and finally commit to him. If it wasn’t, it was still fun to be flabbergasted as a viewer, because big surprises are few and far between on soaps.

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