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The Absolute Best Of General Hospital In 2018

Best Of General HospitalBest Of General Hospital

General Hospital gave us a lot of hits and misses in 2018. Intriguing plots were dropped, leaving us wondering what the heck happened, but there were definite stand-outs that showed us that when this soap gets it right, few things in daytime are better.

Best Storyline, The Wiley/Jonah Baby Switch
There are few tried and true stories on soaps than a classic baby switch, and GH gave us one with quite a twist.

There was no mother in mourning wondering what went wrong for the baby she loved so much. Instead, there was a sociopathic woman who begged someone to take her baby just to get revenge on his father and family.

Sure, Nelle claims she did it because she didn’t think Michael and the Corinthos clan would be good for her baby, but who really believes her?

There was Nelle walking out of the woods with a baby in her arms not knowing what to do. But, voila, there was Brad with a dead newborn lying in the back seat. What could be better?

GH took the classic baby switch, updated it for the 21st century with a same-sex couple wanting to adopt, and made the mother a Heather Webber Junior sociopath. It also has ALL of us on the edge of our seats waiting to see what happens next.

Best and Biggest Surprise, Ryan Chamberlain Is ALIVE!
When a character has been very, very dead for 25 years and barely mentioned during that quarter of a century, you never expect that character to suddenly pop up again.

Of course, when that character’s twin has been an integral part of the cast for those same 25 years, it’s easy to do. Just VERY unexpected.

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