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A Critic’s Review of General Hospital: Lots of Crime, Little Punishment

General Hospital Critic's Review May 9

When it comes to General Hospital, every fan has their own opinion – and Soap Hub is no different. For five days we sat and watched the good, the bad, and everything in between, and now we offer you a handy review, and a cheeky critique, of the GH week that was.

General Hospital: A Critic’s Week In Review

Now that Carly (Laura Wright) is ruling the proverbial roost, she’d do well to consult Auntie (in-law) Tracy and find out what NOT to do with her newfound queen pin-dome. Where Tracy miserably failed, Carly will no doubt succeed…as long as Cyrus (Jeff Kober) well and truly in his place.

Trouble is, Cyrus doesn’t like to lose – whether it be mothers or vast shipments of drugs. And as has been proven time and time again, a villain is at their most dangerous when they find their back up against a wall.

Carly’s one hell of a fortified partition, but how long can she really hope to keep Cyrus at bay…especially when she’s one enforcer short of an army? It’s going to be mighty interesting to see Carly hold her own against an enemy without neither Sonny (Maurice Benard) nor Jason (Steve Burton) by her side.

And speaking of Sonny, he should be feeling mighty proud right about now. He knew that Elijah (Dan White) was a no-good dirty dog from the minute they crossed paths, and now knows that the devious property developer is in league with the criminals who robbed the box social.

But now we have to ask: why exactly does this matter? Will Sonny actually bring Elijah down before his inevitable return to Port Charles? Or will this become yet another forgotten plot thread that like corrupt jailer over in Beechers Corners whom we know committed unspeakable acts for Shiloh?

Further GH Musings

* Just when it seemed that the Anna (Finola Hughes) of old had returned, she’s suddenly devolved back into the character that fans no longer recognized. Her “plan” to halt Peter’s (Wes Ramsey) villainy and save Chase’s (Joshua Swickard) life – not to mention sparing Maxie (Kirsten Storms) the indignity of raising a child with her psychotic ex – is honestly nonexistent, and she doesn’t even have the wherewithal to tape the INCREDIBLY damning conversations that she has with him on a near-daily basis.

* Cameron (William Lipton) had better thank his lucky stars that it was Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) and not some random PCPD officer that caught him red-handed with a firearm.

* Did Cyrus really think that anyone, especially renowned supervillain Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) would buy Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) as a secret drug user?

* Is it just us, or is Josslyn (Eden McCoy) quickly becoming an unlikable shrew? General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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