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Top 7 Things We Can’t Wait to See When Steve Burton Returns to GH

Steve Burton General Hospital

Ever since ABC confirmed Steve Burton’s return to General Hospital (GH), speculation has run rampant about how he’ll fit into storyline.

Burton, who played Jason Morgan from 1990 to 2012 before defecting to The Young and the Restless, has been successfully replaced by Billy Miller. Whether or not the soap opts to make Miller’s “Jason” an imposter remains to be seen.

No matter, fans have some major moments to look forward to. Here are the seven things we can’t wait to see when Burton resurfaces.

Jason vs. “Jason”
If Miller’s “Jason” turns out to be a pawn, who was created by Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers), imagine the powerful moment when the two Jasons come face to face?

Burton’s Jason will be filled with rage at the man who took over his life, while Miller’s “Jason” will be confronted with a confusing truth too horrible to believe.


About Sam
Already crumbling emotionally, Sam (Kelly Monaco) could totally lose it at the first sight of the old Jason.

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It will be interesting to see if she dismisses him as another figment of her imagination or instinctually run into his arms, believing he’s the only one who can bring her back from the edge.

Who’s Your Daddy?
Little Jake has weathered more drama than a child his age should ever have to endure. Learning the man he believes to be his father is a fraud could send him reeling. Will he cling to the dad he knows, run to his real father, or ditch them both in favor of Franco (Roger Howarth)?

Counting Kids
Burton’s Jason will have a lot to contend with on the children front, and each discovery promises to be intense. He’ll learn his son, Jake, is alive and well, that Danny is his biological child, and that wife Sam now has a baby girl (Scout) with Miller’s Jason.

Elizabeth and Franco!?! Say What?
No one loathed Franco more than Burton’s Jason. Imagine his reaction when he learns Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) is in love with the former scoundrel and that Franco has become an influential figure in Jake’s life? It’s not going to be pretty.

Oh Sonny Boy
While Miller’s Jason was always reluctant to embrace the criminal world, Burton’s Jason was devoted to Sonny and willing to do whatever it took for the PC mobster. The moment Sonny realizes his true compadre is back in his life — and on the job — is sure to be classic.

The Carly Connection
Carly’s been a strong supporter of Miller’s Jason since he arrived on the scene and welcomed him as her BFF. She could erupt upon discovering it’s all been a ruse or accept both Jasons into the friendship fold.

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