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7 Facts About General Hospital’s Mysterious Peter August…Or Should We Say…Heinrik?

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On the surface, Peter August looked like a stiff, buttoned-up executive.

But General Hospital fans have slowly learned there’s a whole lot more to the man – like the fact that he was born Heinrik Faison. Does the name sound familiar? Since then details about Peter (Wes Ramsey) have been revealed drip by intriguing drip.

Check out these out these 7 things to know about the mysterious Peter August.

1 The son of Faison (Anders Hove) and a mystery woman, who vanished after his birth, “Heinrik” spent his formative years at boarding school, wanting his father’s approval but never receiving it.

2 In a shock of all shockers, it looks like Anna (Finola Hughes) could be his mother. The stunning twist was revealed when Anna visited Faison’s body in the morgue and told that he died before knowing her secret: they had a child together.

3 “Heinrik” is devious like his dad, but not as deadly. He delivered Jason (Steve Burton) and Drew (Billy Miller) to Dr. Maddox for the memory swap; then, took Drew to Helena. Instead of killing Jason, as per Faison’s orders, he took him to the Russian clinic, where he was held captive for five years.

4 He arrived in Port Charles under the alias of Peter August, as super smart publisher. Drew and Sam (Kelly Monaco) interviewed him for a position at Aurora Media and were so impressed, they hired him on the spot as COO.

5 The key to Drew’s entire missing past rests in Peter’s hands. He stole the flash drive that contains Drew’s memories; the blueprint to the man he was before he was abducted and transformed into Jason.

6 When Anna suggested Peter run a fake interview with Heinrik in Crimson to lure Faison out of hiding, he refused. Then, he encouraged Lulu to do an interview with Faison’s other son, Nathan, for the same purpose. Both times he failed to mention that he was Heinrik and sired by the notorious criminal.

Peter had a showdown with Faison at the hospital. He taunted Faison about killing the wrong son (Nathan) and the fact that he now held all the cards, including the flash drive with Drew’s memories. As Faison gasped for air, Peter pushed the emergency call button out of his father’s hands and left him to die.

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