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25 Years of Elizabeth on General Hospital And She’s Still A Blank Slate

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For 25 years, Elizabeth Webber’s existence on General Hospital and in Port Charles has been perplexing. Longtime fans can remember the moment she appeared on Audrey Hardy’s porch with cigarette in hand announcing that she was now going to live with her step-grandmother, affectionately called “Gram,” just like her sister, Sarah Webber.

Why Did Elizabeth Really Come To Port Charles?

All we knew is that their parents were working overseas as humanitarian doctors, and their daughters didn’t want to join them. However, the fact that in 25 years, Elizabeth’s parents have never once visited, asked her to visit, or tried to reach out directly to her in any way has been mind-boggling, to say the least.

The GH writers are finally addressing Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) relationship with the parents who seemingly abandoned her as a teenager without wanting to be there with her when she was raped, when she got married, or when she gave birth to any of their three grandchildren.

Through it all, Elizabeth has barely mentioned them until old friend Terry Randolph (Cassandra James) brought up her father several months ago. Elizabeth was shocked and alarmed by the fact that Jeff Webber (last played by Richard Dean Anderson) and Terry were in touch, and it seemed clear something more went on than just the Webbers not wanting to take their children overseas.

Now, strange things are happening to Elizabeth just when her parents are on her mind again, from the picture Aiden Spencer (Enzo De Angelis) found to the fact that Jake Spencer (Hudson West) was talking to his grandparents on social media without his mother knowing. It seems clear that Elizabeth’s ‘stalker’ and her past with her parents are somehow related. Soap Hub also thinks everything happening to Elizabeth is coming from inside the house, and Liz is probably responsible for these things herself, but why?

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General Hospital Can Create a Past For Elizabeth

Since the first day Elizabeth arrived in Port Charles in 1997, we know almost nothing about what came before except that she had a best friend named Terry for a short time. And that is it. Did something happen to Elizabeth that remained latent in her mind until now?

Could this be Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or some other type of mental breakdown that is causing Elizabeth to lose chunks of time while her subconscious goes to work? Is there someone Elizabeth is afraid of forgetting? Was there someone she had to grieve long ago that has kept her from grieving Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) properly in the year he’s been gone?

With so little backstory told over 25 years, Elizabeth is truly a blank slate character with years worth of her childhood and adolescence that can be filled in to finally complete a beloved character who deserves to have her story be told.

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