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Top Five Things That Need To Happen On Grey’s Anatomy Finale

Grey's Anatomy Finale May 10, 2019Grey's Anatomy

With just one more episode left in Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy, there are a lot of things that need to happen during the finale episode, which is set to air on Thursday, May 16.

Though we know not everything we want to have happen will happen, here are the top five things we hope go down during the finale next week.

Get Together Or Get Out
Teddy finally revealed she’s in love with Owen in the penultimate episode, which fans have known for years! She spilled the secret to Amelia right before she went into labor, which also happened to be when Owen got into a car accident heading to the hospital. Teddy and Owen need to get together, or they need to both move on for good.

Those Three Little Words
DeLuca just took the fall for Meredith after she committed insurance fraud, so the least Meredith can do is tell him she loves him! We know she’s scared and afraid to be hurt, but she needs to be honest with her feelings.

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To Tell The Truth
After weeks of pushing Alex away, Jo needs to open up to her husband about meeting her biological mother and finding out she’s a product of rape. She needs to stop pushing him away — but Alex should know a lot about that behavior! He’s finally stopped — he needs to help her do the same.

Figure Things Out
We’re not really sure what’s going on between Maggie and Jackson right now, but they need to figure it out. If Maggie doesn’t want to move in with Jackson, she should just say so. If she does want to move in with him, she should. This back and forth game is getting old.

Death Becomes Them
Call us crazy, but we’re ready for another Grey’s Anatomy death. If you think about it, a major Grey’s Anatomy character hasn’t died since Derek back in Season 11. Though it’ll be heartbreaking, the show could use a devastating departure.

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