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Top Five Reasons We Miss Mark Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Mark Sloan June 3, 2019Grey’s Anatomy Mark Sloan

RIP, Mark Sloan: Though he wasn’t on Grey’s Anatomy as long as some of our other favorite doctors, he definitely made a lasting impression. Not only was he a great doctor, but he was also a good friend to many, and let’s not forget that he was pretty easy on the eyes.

Though he’s been off the show for quite some time, here are the top five reasons we still miss McSteamy Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) on Grey’s Anatomy.

1. Special Friendship 
Mark was definitely not the most sentimental character, but he deeply cared for Derek. Though their friendship went through a lot of ups and downs over the years — most specifically when Mark slept with Derek’s wife, Addison — they always came out the other side. They had each other’s backs no matter what.

2. For the Love of Lexie
Mark was known for being quite the ladies man, and he had a hard time having meaningful relationships — that is until Lexie entered the picture. Though she was a lot younger than him, she brought out his sweet and loving side. They were perfect for each other and we miss having them around.

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3. Partnership With Callie
Though Mark and Callie sort of had a relationship — which resulted in a child — they were always better off as friends. They supported each other’s relationships and were great at co-parenting their daughter, Sofia. Not to mention, they weren’t afraid to tell the other person when they were doing something wrong.

4. Sense of Humor
Mark was always one of the funniest characters on Grey’s Anatomy. He had the best one-liners and always seemed to know how to break the ice. While some of the other doctors are always serious, Mark always had that playful way about him.

5. Dedicated Doctor
Though he loved being a ladies man and had a silly side, Mark was truly a fantastic doctor. He cared about his patients and he loved changing their lives. He took his job seriously, though it didn’t always seem that way.

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