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A Definitive Ranking of Alex Karev’s Relationships on Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Alex Karev May 20, 2019Grey's Anatomy Alex Karev

Alex Karev has been through his fair share of Grey’s Anatomy flings over the years, from Addison Montgomery to Callie Torres, to even nurse Olivia. Despite his many conquests, Alex has also experienced some serious relationships.

While it feels as though Alex (Justin Chambers) has dated every doctor and nurse in Seattle, here’s a definitive ranking of all of Alex’s serious romances.

1. Alex and Izzie
Despite their terrible breakup, Alex and Izzie had the sweetest love story. Alex started out his time on Grey’s Anatomy as an angry, cocky doctor who thought he was better than everyone else, but Izzie softened him. Alex was there for Izzie when Denny died and he stood by her side as she battled cancer. She made him a better man.

2. Alex and Jo
These two have certainly been through some ups and downs, but we’re still on the Alex and Jo train. After years of picking the wrong women, Alex finally found a girl who loved him for him and didn’t want to change him. Jo’s always seen the best in Alex, even when he sometimes didn’t deserve it.

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3. Alex and Lexie
Alex and Lexie were cute, but they both loved other people during the entire run of their relationship. Lexie used Alex to get over Mark and Alex used Lexie to get over Izzie. They had a fun time together, but they were never going to last.

4. Alex and Ava/Rebecca
Let’s be honest, Alex and Ava/Rebecca’s relationship was the worst. Alex rescued her from the horrific ferry accident and vowed to take care of her, but she lied about who she really was and so much more. We were never fully invested in their love story, plain and simple.

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