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Justin Hartley Counts Down His Top 10 This Is Us Season 4 Moments

Justin HartleyJustin Hartley

This year, This Is Us was filled with twists, surprises, flashbacks, and flashforwards for the Pearson family, their friends, and relatives. Justin Hartley, who stars as Kevin on the NBC serial, recently counted down his best memories of the past season.

Justin Hartley’s Favorites This Past Season

“I’m hoping that by now you’ve all caught up on #ThisIsUs…” Hartley tweeted. “I know you’re home…but in case you haven’t, look away because I’m going to recap my Top 10 favorite moments of season 4 and I want to hear yours too!” (Check out the initial post of the thread in the tweet below.)

1. We met Kevin’s nephew, appropriately named, Jack. We watched him create a legacy of his own and journey to adulthood as a successful and talented musician with a very special love story of his own. And Toby building baby Jack his very own music studio?? The best.

2. Uncle Nicky becomes a more prominent person in Kevin’s life and we see them develop a closer relationship; one so close that Kevin decides to buy a trailer and becomes Uncle Nicky’s new (and unwanted) neighbor!

3. Kevin, a hopeless romantic, goes all out on his date with Lizzy (@SophiaBush), which included a special performance by @johnlegend. She could’ve been the one, but turns out Kevin was just her hall pass. If anyone learned about rejection this season, it might’ve been Kevin!

4. We went back in time to the early days of Jack and Rebecca. Despite tricky family dynamics, Rebecca chose Jack along with a perfectly imperfect love story that was “one for the ages”.

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5. We met Claire, Sophie’s mom, who was an important person in Kevin’s life, investing more in his acting dreams than Rebecca. At the funeral, Sophie and Kevin lock eyes, sharing a special connection that only they have.

6. Kevin and Sophie reconnect over donuts, memories, and Good Will Hunting. Their ongoing game is finally over. All good things must come to an end?

7. Directing an episode of #ThisIsUs this season was an incredibly rewarding experience. It really just reaffirmed how incredible and out of this world this cast is.

8. Rebecca, Kevin, and Randall show up for Kate, who’s at the cabin with Mark. Amidst the chaos, we see strength in Rebecca like we’ve never seen before. #ByeMark

9. Kevin wants to keep Jack’s legacy alive, and we see him do just that in the future with the house on the hill. The very same one that Jack wanted to build for Rebecca. They don’t call Kevin #1 for no reason!

10. And finally, the big reveal… Kevin’s gonna be a father to TWINS! For now, his great love will be his kids. He’s all in!

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