Mark Hamill Excited To View Rare Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Footage

Star Wars Mark Hamill and Carrie FisherStar Wars Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher

Most Star Wars fans have seen every bit of content about the films and TV shows, so when news of something “new” popping up from the older movies, it sends joy throughout the galaxy.

Mark Hamill Looks Back

So, when Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, discovered there was some old footage from the Empire Strikes Back, it was some pretty big news that he couldn’t wait to amplify on social media.

Hamill took to his Twitter account to share news of the find, which was first shared on Good Morning America.

“This is like finding home movies I’d completely forgotten about,” Hamill wrote above a link of the video. “So many memories. The blizzards! The marathon dueling rehearsals! The deafening wind machines that drowned out Vader’s dialogue! My Tauntaun dance!”

He added that he doesn’t think “we were ever able to be that surprising again” due to the fandom and spoilers that would pop up with any future Star Wars film.

The video starts with George Lucas at his editing screen doing what the legendary director does best. It next goes to Hamill and a scene of Luke flying his X-Wing Fighter, with the blue screen revealed where special effects will eventually wind up.

There’s video of crew members pulling the Tauntaun in the snow via a truck on the planet Hoth, and Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher having some fun with the lizard-like creature in the huge snow storm.

A voiceover by Lucas explains some of the cool effects that are being used in the making of the film, and the video shows how certain scenes came to life via the use of toy models and graphics.

Lucas also talks about how tough it was to shoot in the snow and some of the action of getting those scenes completed. Anthony Daniels, the actor behind C3PO, does some narration of scenes, and members of the cast and crew talk about some of their favorite moments.

Star Wars fans of all ages will enjoy watching these old clips.

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