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Five Fast Facts About Steve Harrington on Stranger Things

Stranger Things Steve Harrington June 12, 2019Stranger Things

Steve Harrington started out his time on Stranger Things as a bit of a jerk, but he’s quickly become one of our favorite characters. Not only does he look out for all the kids on the show, but he also sacrifices himself to help others. Now that’s what we call a great character!

From who he dated in the past to his tough relationship with a certain family member, here are five fast facts about Steve Harrington (Joe Keery).

Romantic Past
Steve previously dated Nancy Wheeler, who is the older sister of Mike Wheeler. Nancy had a crush on Steve and they decided to give their relationship a chance, but it was clear she also had feelings for Jonathan Byers, Will Byers older brother.

Party Gone Wrong
Unfortunately, Barb’s untimely death back in Season 1 took place at Steve’s house when he decided to have people over. Had Steve not invited Nancy to the party, Barb would still be alive today.

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Father Issues
Though Steve starts out as a bit of a jerk, he eventually learns his lesson and becomes a better person. During this time, he reveals he doesn’t have a close relationship with his father at all.

The Babysitter
Steve is known as “The Babysitter,” as he always seems to be taking care of the kids during difficult circumstances. He develops a very close bond with Dustin during Season 2 and even drives him to his school dance because his dad isn’t around.

Summer Job
Though Season 3 of Stranger Things hasn’t come out just yet, it’s clear from the trailers that Steve has a new job working at the Hawkins Mall in an ice cream parlor. Though this job seems harmless, there will definitely be issues!

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