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Five Fast Facts About Nancy Wheeler on Stranger Things

Stranger Things Nancy Wheeler June 13, 2019Stranger Things Nancy Wheeler

Nancy Wheeler is the older sister of Mike Wheeler on the cult Netflix series Stranger Things. She gets wrapped up in trying to save Will Byers in the first season and gets connected to all of the kids. Though she’s older, she deeply cares for her brother’s pals.

From her romantic history to why she doesn’t want to be like her parents, here are five fast facts you need to know about Nancy (Natalia Dyer).

Eyes on the Prize
Nancy is known to be a very smart student. She always focuses on school and puts her studies first, which is why she’s so reluctant to spend time with the popular kids in the beginning. She hopes to get into a good college and get out of Hawkins.

First Crush
When we first meet Nancy, she has a big crush on Steve Harrington. Though she and Steve decide to date for a period of time, they ultimately decided they weren’t meant to be together.

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Building A Bond 
While Nancy was dating Steve, she began to develop feelings for Jonathan Byers. She and Jonathan started hanging out while they were looking for his brother, Will, but their friendship turned into something more. Though they aren’t officially together, they definitely like each other.

Blazing Her Own Path
Nancy makes it very clear that she has no interest in living the life her parents live. Her parents clearly don’t really love each other and live fairly boring lives in Hawkins, which doesn’t excite Nancy. Though some people look forward to living a life in the suburbs, Nancy isn’t one of them.

Looking Out For Dustin
Nancy is obviously the older sister of Mike Wheeler, but she feels protective over all of his friends. Dustin has a big crush on Nancy and so when he had nobody to dance with at the school dance, Nancy decided to dance with him. It was a sweet gesture and showed how much she does care about him.

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